Cost effective and hassle-free turnkey webstore solutions

E-nitiative has created a wide range of turnkey webstores and features that have been carefully crafted to assist businesses to sell online with a minimum of time and effort. With more than 1000 websites and counting, our solutions are trusted by experts worldwide.

Next to our turnkey webstores, we also offer a turnkey pc-privé solution.
With this ready made solution, you can offer a list of pre-defined products to a list of selected users (employees) only.
We'll fine tune & implement the cafetariaplan/plan cafetaria rules to your likings;
1 mandatory pc/laptop, limited orders, HR needs to approve the orders,...

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Webstore Solutions


A down-to-earth practical approach for product descriptions, webstores and e-commerce.

A can do attitude with no surprises; know your costs up front. Every customization and its cost need to be approved by you first.

No consultants fees, no endless documents to sign in triple, no bureaucracy and no sky high invoices; easy flexible solutions with an easy flexible price tag!



We have a wide range of solutions available going from content for your webstore to mid range webshop to full-fledged integrated webstores with webservices.

You'll find flexible solutions where you can migrate between versions whenever you want.

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Multi platform connectivity
and third party integrations

Whether it's an SAP ERP, a punchout, a webservice, dbfact, an MS SQL/Oracle/MySQL db, stock and availability from your supplier or a bespoke system, we can integrate your E-nitiative webshop data with your tools.

We've already integrated real time stock & price checks for Ingram Micro & Tech Data. Also online XML ordering from the admin area is available for Tech Data, Ingram Micro and Despec.

Export your catalogue to Amazon, Google base or whichever platform you can imagine with a custom feed built to your specifications.

Multi platform connectivity

Rich product content

Our experienced and dedicated product descriptions team

carefully adds product details, product options and images to the database. Reap the benefit of our labor by incorporating our rich product content into your webstore .
ict product descriptions and other types of product descriptions are possible

Rich product content


Whether you are a vendor, distributor or retailer, we are happy to explain our products & solutions. From the start-up to the seasoned e-tailer, our solutions can help to drive your business, both online & offline.

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