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  • Social media
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Turnkey webshop solutions

Our webstores are a turnkey solution. This means you don't need to think about hosting, bandwidth, CPU, databases or anything else; all is taken care of by us. You can use your own URL or a sub-domain, but we'll even provide one of our own to get started.

SEO integration

From the first line of code, our webstores are created with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind.
  • We empower you, the reseller, to optimize the webstore with your specific keywords, titles and meta tags all from the admin area. All changes you make are visible real time. Just refresh the page and see what your change looks like.
  • Google verification tags, Google analytics, Google Webmaster tools or any other tag or script can easily be added.
  • Next to that our stores use Microdata which is a machine readable description of the item; this allows search engines to recognize your products and their details.
  • The Store product URL is constructed to be easily read by search engines and humans just as well. URL rewriting is automatically done to achieve the best performance so you don't have to spend any time on that.

Social media integration

Have your twitter messages shown on your webstore, let customers share your products on Facebook and give them a discount for it.

Payment providers

Our webstores come with built in payment provider integrations so we can seamlessly integrate those into your webstore for free. No extra charges for activating supported payment methods on your webstore! Of course you can also choose to have “offline” payment methods such as payment on collection, payment on delivery or a simple bank transfer.   Currently supported payment providers    Paypal    Ogone    Sagepay    Ideal (abn amro internetkassa, ing ideal basic, rabobank ideal lite omnikasa)    Btbuynet    Multisafepay   If you see a payment provider you’d like to have for your webstore which is not listed then we can create a non-commital quote on the cost for its integration into your webstore with us.


Create a newsletter from one of our existing templates and send this to your user base with your mailing tools. You can select the template from the administrative part, choose your products and then your very own personalised newsletter is created. It contains your prices and only links to your store. We can even create a custom template for your newsletter. There's no excuse left for postponing your newsletter!

Price list import

Tell us where to find your pricelist and your supplier pricelist and we'll import those for you on a daily base. That's all what's needed to get your products online. FTP pricelist downloads are included in the webstore pricings but we can create an ftp account where you can push your pricefiles for a small surcharge. A wide range of pricefile formats are supported; CSV, XLS, TXT, XML. Webservices can be tailor made. We can quickly import from these existing suppliers in our catalogue; Ingram Micro (BE, NL, IT, UK) Tech Data (BE, NL), Despec, Copaco, 2by2, Bas Distribution, Tridis , ETC, Brother, Apple. If you have a supplier of feed we don't have in our catalogue then we can check the workload and come back to you with a comprehensive pricing for the import.   If a product has multiple suppliers we'll apply the best price with stock, or any other pricing scenario you'd like. There's no easier way to have a multi distri webshop!

Catalogue management

We will import your pricelists and manage the product catalogue for you. No need to plough through those endless product lists and try to find which product should go in which category; we do that for you. For example, if you would have 3 different suppliers all the laptops will be in all in one and the same category in your webstore even if your supplier uses different categories.   We'll add detailed product descriptions to the products imported if that's not already done.   Supplier taxes stock and other needed info is imported for a truly hassle free experience.   Benefit from our experience and trust us with the workload. You'll have more time to focus on your key tasks and do some actual selling.

ERP integrations

We can import and export data to and from the webstore as per your preference. Ready made feeds are available today for the following software packages; DBfact, Amazon, Google base, MySQL, MS SQL server. Next to that we've done tailor made developments for the following systems; SAP, SAP with OCI Punchout, Navision and others.   Data can be exchanged with simple ftp transfers using xml, csv, xls or even txt files or webservices running in real time.   If you can tell us what you need, then we're there to do it for you.

Product descriptions

You can rely on us to feed your webstore with product descriptions. We have a flat html description which you can easily integrate into your webstore, and we have structured detailed descriptions which you can use to build your own search engine on your own webstore. Iframing our flat html descriptions starts from 99€ ex vat/month. Simply download the list with products and create the dmd5 link to encode the product parameter. We can help you with the actual integration if you would have an issue there.   Structured descriptions can be exchanged in different ways just as well; A raw MS SQL dump, a csv, xml or xls file can also be used. Call us for detailed pricing on the structured product descriptions.

Add your own products

Do you provide services for your customers like installations or backups? Do you create your own built pc's? Do you want to sell glasses or even cigars online?   All of that's possible with our webstores. You can provide us with a list of products to import, or you can even create and amend your product descriptions from the webstore administrative area. Add your product images, link your product to other existing products for some nice up & cross selling and you're good to go.

Data feeds

Readymade feeds are available today for the following platforms; DBfact, Amazon, Google base, MySQL, MS SQL server.   Next to that any odd feed you can think of should be possible. Tell us what you need for fields and we'll drop that one on your ftp daily.

Tailor made layout

We offer a set of default templates for the webstore to choose from. If you're not happy with those, by all means let us know what your webshop should look like.   If you have a psd, an html or even a faxed paper copy of what you like, then we can implement the desired layout for your webstore. Your imagination is the limit; our team will do its best to match your wishes with the webstore reality. How long will all this take? Depends on what you want: does it have to match every pixel or is there some margin?. Anything from 1 to 4 weeks is possible.   What does it cost? A onetime cost of 500€ is all that it takes to have your very own layout for your webstore.

Custom developments

Would you like to have an xml file added to each order confirmation email? Do you absolutely positively need the Sofort payment method to be integrated? Do you need to do special integrations for your HP platinum partnership? Do you have a customer who has some special wishes? Just let us know and we'll estimate the workload in working days and get back to you with a competitive quote of 100€ ex vat per working day.

Help and support

Next to our online help section in the admin area, we are there for you. You can call and mail our support team anytime.   Whether it's a question on how you integrate your SEO scripts, what pricing, delivery or payment method to use, or even how you can export your prices from your MySQL and setup an ftp account; we're there to listen. We've helped to set up many DNS configurations and ftp accounts and will continue to do so. Best part is that we don't charge extra for any of this. Only if we'd need to spend an excessive amount of time we'll let you know that there'll be some costs.   We go the extra mile to find the answer, and in the rare event that we don't know the answer, then we'll simply say so.

Supplier catalogues

These are the most popular suppliers we support out of the box for our webstores. Once we have the price list locations, we’ll download those for your and integrate the products into your webstore, with the best price of the supplier.   Currently supported suppliers    Ingram micro UK, BE, NL, IT    Tech data BE, NL    Despec    Copaco    2by2    Bas Distribution    Tridis    ETC    Brother    Apple   If you see a supplier you’d like to have for your webstore which is not listed, then we can create a non-commital quote on the cost for its integration into your webstore with us.

Supplier XML order integration

We have implemented the xml order integration for Ingram Micro, Tech Data and Despec and this feature is included in your monthly price.   How does it work? Log on to the administrative part of the webstore, open your customer order and from there you can place your supplier order directly with the supplier of choice without having to open another site or window.   You can see the different suppliers' purchase prices in the admin area and order from your supplier of choice. If you order has multiple lines you can even order item A with suppplier B and order item X with supplier Z!   If nonetheless you prefer to order via alternative ways (phone, fax, email) that's no problem. Our XML ordering process is not mandatory.

Supplier stock & price checks

'in stock and ready to ship' Is the most effective confidence builder for your webstore visitors. With our real time price & stock checks we can query the suppliers stock & price situation anytime and show the availability immediately for Ingram Micro and Tech Data. No extra costs, this is included in your package!   If you have your own service, we can do a development to query it and show the results online just as well for a small fee. Next to that we can also import your own stock files daily and decrement the stock shown if sales are made online. Everything is available to maximise the visitor experience and convert those visitors into customers.


Your site is ready to go for any multilingual audience (EN/FR/NL). Only the e-nitiative product descriptions are English. Furthermore, from your admin area you can customize some texts used in the front-end.