our products & Services

The platform fits for both self-promotions, distributors' promotions, vendors' promotions, is fully customizable to customer's layout and fully manageable with an extensive back-office administration.

What do we offer !

E-nitiative has developed an e-Commerce web-based platform that scales to any size of e-Shops, starting from the local e-Shop to huge online shops. All products details are frequently updated in the background to keep the correctness of the information flow running with new or updated products from vendors, pictures of products are re-worked, etc. Various online payment options are available to customers and are optionally selected by the e-shop manager. Other options (see list below) are available on demand.

Crucial questions are !

  • How do you keep your products' list updated ?
  • How do you manage your stock delays ?
  • How do you interact with your supplier(s) ?
  • How do you manage your payments systems ?

What do we offer ?

Frontend (what visitors see into their browsers)

  • Your personalized e-store, based on one or multiple suppliers
  • Products and brands selection based on your business focus (B2B, Retail,Telephony)
  • E-Marketing management in association with Link2shop .
  • Advanced search engines and compare tools
  • Integration of major Secured Online Payment solutions

Backoffice (what you need to manage your e-Store)

  • e-procurement tool : calculate your margin based on different parameters
  • e-procurement tool : send your orders to your suppliers through XML
  • ERP integration : synchronize the online activity of your e-store with your ERP
  • SEO support and Google Analytics expertise
  • Create your own products and link them to create bundled offers.
  • Add your own content with our integrated CMS

Path to success

With a "standard" version starting from € 75,00/month, you'll be contacted by our representative to gather all required information to put your e-Store online :

  • Personalized layout
  • Options required
  • Production date
  • Training
  • Online payment integration with your requested bank accounts