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Many online resellers depend on their online product catalogs to both generate revenue and differentiate their offerings.

To succeed in the highly competitive IT and consumer electronics e-commerce world, online resellers need to differentiate their offerings, increase revenues, and reduce operating costs. And while product catalogs are frequently considered only as a cost center, they do get results. A recent survey of over 2,500 IT consumers noted that "access to detailed product specs" was the #1 factor for consumers making online purchase decisions.

Crucial questions are

  • Decrease costs associated with creating and maintaining an in-house product database. Additionally, with accurate and complete product information featured on their websites, resellers reduce costs to handle customer complaints
  • Boost revenues through improved website cross-sell and upsellóincreasing customer loyalty and shrinking sales drop-off rates
  • Improve organizational efficiency by making it easier for telesales representatives to search product information. E-nitiative thereby helps resellers reducing calls to customer service, with better data at their disposal, sales organizations can more efficiently generate detailed proposals
  • Greatly enhance the customer experience by enabling customers to easily access complete product data, compare multiple products, print datasheets, and select compatible accessories.

The path to success !

This is where e-nitiative comes in. E-nitiative provides online resellers with a complete, accurate, and turnkey solution. E-nitiative provides a full e-commerce solution including marketing descriptions, and detailed specifications, hosting, payment solutions, web analytics, which fits most of smb reseller.