faq’s about our products and related areas

These FAQ’s are prepared to answer your questions which have been asked by some others before you.

  • Do I need to confirm the version/payment to get your webshop?

    Yes, in order to prepare your webshop, the initial payment has to be paid by you. Then we’ll ready your webshop features according to the selected version.

  • Can I change my version at a later state?

    We encourage you to identify your webshop requirements to save your resources as well as ours. But in situations where you have to change your decision for some possible reason (/s), we will consider your request. However you’ve to bear the ‘administrative costs’ which are applicable for ‘downgrade’ and we will issue a credit note for excess payment. For upgrades, the balance payment should be paid by you in-order to activate the extra features.

  • What happens if I don’t know how to select my version?

    Even though we are not familiar with your business, we can share our experience with you for you to take a decision. This is how we’ve helped many like you in the past.

  • What happens if I don’t find all the features that I’m expecting on my new webshop?

    Although we can’t guarantee to provide you that, we’d like to listen to you. Please note that we may have already developed some other feature to suit your requirement but with different title/introduction. May be that is in our ‘on-going’ development or in our ‘schedule’. If not in all those, we may consider your request free or at a nominal fee which will be decided by us based on the cost of the resources which we will have to use for such development and allocation.

  • What happens if I don’t have a catalogue supplier?

    After a discussion with you, we may help you to identify one. Even if there’s no direct catalogue, we may have a chance of helping you with the high volume of features which we already have, to handle catalogue related work.

  • What happens if I don’t have my own company URL?

    We can help you to start with “e-nitiative.eu” subdomain.